int cwn_driver_sys_pwr_control(int i_sys_control)
Related Constants:
#define CWN_VAL_PWR_SYS_DOWN            (9)     // Power off
#define CWN_VAL_PWR_WDT_RESET           (15)    // Reset Watchdog Timer
#define CWN_VAL_PWR_WDT_DISABLE         (14)    // Disable Watchdog Timer
#define CWN_VAL_PWR_REBOOT              (47)    // rebooting


Used to shut off or restart the device, as well as enable or disable the watchdog timer (the timer responsible for shutting off the LCD screen due to inactivity).

When this func is invoked with an argument, CWN_VAL_PWR_SYS_DOWN or CWN_VAL_PWR_REBOOT, it never goes back to the native application of O2PMP directly.
The reason is that it CAN NOT guarantee that a user program release all allocated memories when it is closed.
Therefore a reboot or power-off is needed to release the memories safely.
And it keeps the native application of O2PMP stable working.

Return value Edit