This is a list of proposed or requested projects for the O2. Each project should have an article explaining its significance as well as any extra details you can provide. Any information as to how the project might be implemented should be added to the article. Use the talk page for discussions.

Guidelines Edit

Description section - A simple description of the application you would like to see developed. Any special considerations you have or similar should be noted here.

Importance - Use this section to describe the importance of the project -- basically, why people should consider working on the project. Include the number of people it would be useful to, and how well it fits with the overall goal of the O2.

Implementation details - Mainly for developers. If any developer reads the article and has any information on how the project could be completed, this would be the place for your suggestions.

Libraries Edit

freetype2 - Done

lib to provide touch screen basic functions

Applications Edit

  • CBR Reader
  • Keyboard(Alpha version of app made)
  • Alarmclock (Included in Firmware)
  • Calendar (like Rainlendar it has source code for Linux)
  • Todo List/Event List
  • Analog Clock
  • Countdown
  • Analog Stopwatch
  • Tetris app made, read about it here.
  • Playlist and/or DPL support
  • Menu Font Colour Change
  • WinCE Applications Emulator support
  • Increased Zoom Capacity When Viewing Pictures
  • Various File Extension support.(Ex> *.SWF, *.FLV...)
  • Novelty Piano (simple enough)
  • Korg Kaoss Pad / Kaossilator Emulation
  • Line rider
  • O2Copter
  • Theme Changer
  • PDF viewer
  • Make both volume buttons pressed simultaneously act as play/pause